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Still not working!


Data base is big. Good selection nationwide. Interface is excessive in the year filter. Why have the established year ranges. Just give me custom selection. I have to drill down three times just to bring it up. When I want to change it you have to trash the current range, then drill down three again to put the change in. The user interface is different from Auto Trader for some reason. Even if the developer is different, why? To close a picture, instead of the “x” in the top corner, you have to hit “close” in the bottom. Irritating. The ads pop up no matter if you are scrolling past or not. If you touch the ad to scroll, when you lift, the ad pops up.

Great app

I love using this app, makes me sad seeing all these beautiful bikes that I can’t afford lol

Delete inactive listings

You need to make sure seller is still selling their vehicle. Many of them that are showing are already sold. Delete their ad asap if so.

App crashes

Whenever I send the link to my Ad for sale, the person who opens it gets an error saying the vehicle has been sold or is no longer available. App support link is too complex to ask for help so I left this rating for now.

Good when it works

The is great, but only when it works and doesn’t crash. I didn’t have this problem when I first started to use the app but a couple years later it sometimes doesn’t even open, crashes whenever I search for a bike, or just tries to load something but never finishes. Could be great, could just be me.

Won’t open

All you get is the opening screen and after a few seconds shuts down completely

Really bad interface

Every time I auto insert my email it states it’s an invalid format. Won’t let me search for the model with the make! Horrid!


Freezes constantly


When you had the other app for this it wasn’t good I decided to try it again and I love it you can see the images of the motorcycle clear and big very easy to use thank you for the improvement


Despite updates, this app continues to NOT OPEN... the opening screen appears for a second, then disappears. This has been the case thru previous updates and during iOS 11.3x thru latest 11.4 How do you dev’s release an app that doesn’t even open?!? Maybe you’re trying to fill the app with too many ADS?? Who knows.... but the app is worthless if opens for 1-sec then freezes.

You rock

Wish auto trader app would make theirs the exact same as your guys

Too many ads

Seems like the developer of this app is not interested in keeping customers on the app. There are way too many ads that will kick you out of the app. Are you in the business of selling bikes or endorsing ads?

The app literally frozen

Started yesterday, the app will just freeze when you start it .

Love bike

Great app to find 2 wheels with

Great app … but

Love the app ! But could use a few minor tweaks . For example , when looking up bikes , specifically models . If I search for a ninja zx10r , then a ninja 650r should not show up in the search . Also when I search for unspecific bikes like Sportbike , Harley’s show up . One other thing is not all adds show mileage . Maybe you could force sellers to complete that input before allowing to post . Like I said, I love the app , but it has some very minor issues to me . Thanks CycleTrader !!!

Great App

Very well put together. A joy to use.

Very bad app

I downloaded the app and erase it after a couple of minutes I did not like it.

Useful but...

Very useful app. Very easy to find what your looking for. Only complaint is that it tends to lag and freeze up when entering search criteria. This is the case for the app as well as online on a computer. However, still very much enjoy the app

Pretty good

I don't seem to have the problems some of these others have. The app works great except for several bikes that are no longer available for sale are still listed as available. I've ran into this problem while checking on several different bikes. Also not crazy about the new format.

Is this company still in business?

Downloaded/used app a couple years ago. Wasn't impressed with content/functionality and forgot about it. Updated app today, and now it won't open. It appears to be open in background when I dbl-click Home button on iPhone 6+ to view open apps--I see splash screen and icon. When I tap to bring it forward, it crashes again. I love motorcycles. I do *not* love this app.

I love CycleTrader

It Allows me to see bikes for sale all over the country.

Never seems to open

This app seems to hang every time you start it. Thought it was just a bug, but after many new versions, the problem is still there. You end up staring at the start screen waiting for something to happen. It’s terrible. It’s trying to load an ad at the splash screen and just hangs there. Worst app I have ever seen. Seriously. So frustrating. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, restarted the app etc. Sometimes it works but 90% of the time it hangs. I have an iPhone. Nothing unusual.

Got the new update

Runs really smooth thanks for the update love this app

Great App

Use it everyday in looking to buy the favorite things I love!

Great App

This is a great app that features listings from dealers and private sellers. You can customize your searches with a lot of specific detail. Search for bikes within a custom range of miles from your location. Filter the searches to show you the prices from lowest to highest (or vice-versa), bikes nearest to you, or newest. There are a lot more filters but those are the ones I like and use the most. You can save the bikes you are most interested in and track their pricing and availability. The app lets you know if a saved bike has been sold / removed from the app. Very helpful.

Almost there!

Thanks for the recent update. The app is usable again. However, just discovered that the app freezes when I click on any of my saved searches under MyTrader. Get this bug out and I will be happy. Thanks!

Not consistent

Freezes up most of the time. Very frustrating. I update each time it asks but still freezes half the time. Update. I deleted the app as it was useless.

Just Spins

Recent version doesn't even allow for searches. Just freezes up. Planned on buying a motorcycle this weekend, but now I'll wait until December. 9/12/17: After the rough weekend, updates were made to the app and I'm now happily laying on the sofa searching for a Moto Guzzi.

Wouldn't even give 1 star if I had too.

This app is useless. Always crashing OR never loads anything. Such a shame, only trustworthy source I used for buying used vehicles. Hopefully they can fix soon.

Find your dream bike

If you need a new or used bike this is the app

Update broke app

Please fix

i agree with other guy update broke this app.

will not even open for me

Dead Ap

I've reloaded this ap with miner to no success. It worked before but has since been down hill with every update. Not worth my time anymore. I'll be moving on to something else since this has been ignored for so long. Sincerely


Constantly freezes.


Junk ! Don't waste your time . My guess app was written by cheap Indian programmers . Let American company and American programers write your application

Loved it till this past year

Every update has been worse and worse now I cannot even find a bike. This app will not work just show an endless loading screen. Waste of memory. I will be deleting this app. I hope the next update has promise because this current version is the absolute WORST.


Since the last update search won't load at all......!!! Reloaded app several times and it's not working... PLEASE SEND ANOTHER UPDATED TO FIX THIS...

Reviews are right - app is useless as of now

Unfortunately I have to agree with everyone: last update(s) broke this app to where it is unusable. Search for one does not work as you are unable to specify certain conditions. Same situation with the ATV trader app, which makes me believe it is a backend problem.

Coders got bored I guess

It's like the builders decided to make an app that was waaaaaay too fancy instead of making one that works. Search feature is too complex and unintuitive. That is when the app actually works. Makes me all kinds of excited to actually list a bike that few will ever be able to search for and find.

Super nice app!!!

If you're in the market for a new bike then look no further, this app shows the hundreds to thousands of bikes available near your location!!! Oh wait.... it's still loading.... annnnnnd delete!

last update trashed the app

this app used to be great. now it's garbage. everything crashes or freezes. i thought the update was fixing the bugs.. just uninstall the app and use the website if you have to.


Latest update trashed the app.....

Broken since last update

This app has always been trouble to use with ease. Latest update killed the app and my iPhone 7plus altogether. Done with it until a stable platform can be delivered.

Use app support

Go to app support, hit the hash marks on the red bar, go to advanced search and you're ready to go. Not as efficient as the last app but you can find your next bike. Just ride.

Higher better programmers



I don't know what happened, but nothing works now. All I get is spinning wheels when trying to load. Worthless! Fix it now!


Tried to report the issue myself and others are experiencing and here's the result: "Error The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later." Nice...

New update crashes

Keeps crashing. Doesn't load anything you click on.

Latest Update Broken

The latest update has broken the app. It is no longer functional and is unusable.

What are you guys doing?

I'm relying on this app to help me find a bike. It worked for a day and now it won't even load. Being such a big company you'd think they'd have their stuff together. I've re downloaded this app 3 times hoping it would fix itself to no avail.

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