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Still not working!

Found what I was looking for

It’s a great place to find the bike if your dreams...but, make sure you check the actual dealer site because it might actually be sold from their inventory. Cycle trader is a 3rd party so they won’t have the most up-to-date info.

Cycle Trader

I have been using Cycle Trader for the past year and find it a great way to follow market trends. It allows you to refine your searches so easily that it is a breeze to find what you bike you are looking for. Lmj


I gave up on the mobile app a few months ago as it would often hang, freeze, or crash with great frequency. It was unusable. I switched to the web app, which was much better. On a whim, I decided to give the mobile app another try today. After I started it, it showed that it was initializing some process for over two minutes—the progress wheel kept spinning, but nothing was happening and I had no idea if it was rebuilding a database or updating itself or what (if a user doesn’t understand what’s happening, that’s bad UX). I restarted it and it ran fine. An announcement popped up that mentioned that it had been updated to fix various bugs and performance issues. I thought that was promising. However, after using the app for a few more minutes, I was letdown again. It still freezes, still hangs, and still crashes. I’ve never had such a bad experience with a mobile app, especially one from such a well-known company. I love some of the UI enhancements they made, but if your app doesn’t work, attention should be diverted elsewhere to make sure it functions before making it look slick. My phone is an iPhone 6 running iOS 11.4.1. (I’m writing this review because I care and I truly hope the developers can rectify.)

Sometimes doesn’t load at all

sometimes The app doesn’t load at all it stays in the red opening page and doesn’t go forward. Other than that the app is up-to-date.

Finally fixed

About time.

Red screen

Red screen and no loading. Fix the app. Update 9/5/18 thanks for fixing the app.

Doesn’t work

Installed and reinstalled still doesn’t work for iPhone X it’s just a red screen

Will not load

App will not open stays a solid red as if it wont boot up. Previously my favorite app!!!

Red screen

Was great but now all I get is a red screen.

Please fix this

I used this app a while ago and it worked well; I enjoyed the function and keeping track of the bikes... but this app now just wont open... it just stays on a bright red screen.... Please fix this to its useful again And let me know when you do


The newest update, the app won’t open

Will not open

Used to love his app, but for the past 2 weeks it will not open. If we can get that glitch fixed then it would once again be a great app.

Stuck on launch screen

I just downloaded on my iPad and it is just stuck on the launch screen with nothing loading. Subsequent full relaunches doesn’t help.

App fail

The app won’t even open. Every time I click on it it either gets stuck on the loading screen or kicks me completely.

Doesn’t run on new iPhone 8

Loaded, deleted, reloaded, deleted, reloaded again. App refuses to run on a brand new iPhone 8 with latest iOS. Freezes on splash screen every time.

Doesn’t work!!

App doesn’t work anymore

Updated up, and it stopped working.

I had used the previous version of this app, and was disappointed there is no way to search locally (the location or zip based search never worked). I’d narrow the search down to my state, which was ok to give me a ballpark price and selection. Today I updated the app, and now it opens to the red screen and hangs. I deleted the app and reinstalled and same thing. There aren’t many apps for shopping for motorcycles, and it’s too bad this one hasn’t been able to get its act together for years. What a missed opportunity. 🤷‍♂️


Been a great app and have been using for awhile the only problem is that when I launch the app, it sits at the logo screen with the red background and white outline, I tried stopping the app and turning my phone off and then even uninstalling and reinstalling the app but nothing’s working, if y’all could fix this is give 5 stars no doubt, thanks for your time!

Love it until it stopped working.

Ditto, stuck at red screen. You guys needs to fix this and fire the idiot that put out the update.

Won’t open and very glitchy

Only had this app for a week looking around for motorcycle options. So far the filters for searching never set properly, such as location and distance from zip code, and now the app open won’t even open at all, it just hangs there with the red screen. It’s super bugging and needs some serious attention for UX. Erased the app and reinstalled it thinking this may help, and even reset settings on iPhone and the issue persisted.


Won't load past red screen...

Does not even launch!!

No longer works at all! There must have been a recent update because the app is now Borked! It launches the red splash screen and stays there, never launching the app. I uninstalled and re downloaded it and it still messed up. Please fix this ASAP! It’s totally unusable right now!

Stopped working- won’t open

App stopped working several days ago and will not open. Same issue with RVTrader. I use both apps on iPhone se. Thx Clint


Not working 3sep18

Does not work anymore

App was great but won’t not get past the red screen now. Already deleted rebooted and reinstalled the app without success.


Love the app but it’s not opening anymore.

Red startup screen only

After launching app, the only thing that I see is a red startup screen that doesn’t go away.


Stuck on a red screen

Something wrong

It’s a great app with lots of useful information. I enjoyed using it until one day I cannot open the app but seeing its red opening image. I tried restarting my phone, deleting the app and downloading it again, leaving it there... and nothing works. It’s really confusing 😭😭

Freezes wont load

More bug fixes needed. This app wont load even after a reinstall

5.0.8 doesn’t launch completely

Latest version gets stuck at the splash screen. I’ve tried reinstalling as well as rebooting phone(iOS) with no luck.

Never gets past the “Red boot up screen”??

I had this app for a few months with no issues and now it will not get past the red screen when you first click on the app? I have reinstalled it and still having the same issue ??

Doesn’t work

It’s just a frozen red screen


App does not work at all. Will not even open up.


This app won’t even open for me

Doesn’t work

App stopped working after last update. Uninstalled.

It’s a joke, right?

Just loaded this to my iPhone 6s. It doesn’t work at all. Nothing. Just an intro screen. Hire new developers

Fix your bug

The app is stuck on the red screen , you need to update it !!!

New issue has arisen. PLEASE FIX!!!

This pass week I’ve not been able to open app. Seems frozen at launch screen. I only see a red screen with CycleTrader logo from now on. Even after deleting app, power cycling phone, and downloading again. Please send update or fix quickly. Planning on make a move on a recent listing. However, unable to follow up without seller contact info through your app. Thanks 🙏🏽 🙏🏽 🙏🏽

Latest update hangs on frontpage

App wont open, gets stuck on title page

Stopped working

App is pretty much stuck on their red screen ... deleted and re downloaded and still nothing ! iPhone X

App not working?

Downloaded about 6 months ago and now it seems to stay on the red opening screen and won’t load any further.

Latest update won't open, or my iPhone is junk.

It's a fine app when it's working, the latest version won't open on my iPhone 6s running iOS10, though there's a chance it's my iPhone and not the app as my 6s continues to deteriorate as it ages.

Works ok when it’s working

The app on Apple iPhone has continued to be problematic for years. Get more user friendly


Helping me to find my first bike. A lot easier than searching dealer by dealer. You can really refine your search to find the exact bike you want. No bugs so far.


Best place to DREAM!!

Constantly freezing and non responsive

I try to use the app several times a week and it opens only to be completely non responsive or freezes the moment I try to search. Their website works alright though...

Your app does not work

Open the app and all you get is a red screen with the logo and stays like that forever. Make a quality app or don't make anything at all; stop wasting everyone's time.

Works good

Works good for it’s minimal use. Needs work on keeping the page open even if you lock your phone out. Also should question if sellers still have the listed inventory up.


Data base is big. Good selection nationwide. Interface is excessive in the year filter. Why have the established year ranges. Just give me custom selection. I have to drill down three times just to bring it up. When I want to change it you have to trash the current range, then drill down three again to put the change in. The user interface is different from Auto Trader for some reason. Even if the developer is different, why? To close a picture, instead of the “x” in the top corner, you have to hit “close” in the bottom. Irritating. The ads pop up no matter if you are scrolling past or not. If you touch the ad to scroll, when you lift, the ad pops up.

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